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27: Jimi Hendrix


Produced, Written, Directed by STUART SAMUELS

"27" is a theatrical documentary about the end of the sixties and how the events of 1969, 1970 and 1971 sent ripples of fear through a generation raised on peace, love, harmony and happy endings.

As if on an historical cue, a new decade dawned and a new force and culture emerged. It was a period of political division over the war in Vietnam and the rise of mass protests at home; mixed with the spread of student revolts and black power violence.

It was a time of profound events that are etched into our collective memories — Nixon, Man on the Moon, Charles Manson, Woodstock, Altamont, My Lai Massacre, Black Panthers, Kent State, J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI, the End of The Beatles, the Pentagon Papers.

A new culture triumphed, one based on power not peace, fear not love, political control not natural harmony, conflict not happy endings. It was a time of rising social tyranny and increasing governmental repression, where Nixon's "silent majority" silenced the subversive slogans and the mass protests of the young. Police power replaced flower power. The "WE" generation became a "ME" generation.

It was a period when pop culture became big business, when mass concerts became defining historical events, when musicians became Gods, and fans turned into a frenzied army of fame fanatics.

"27" uses the lives of three rock and roll icons, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison, as the narrative centre around which to tell the story of a generation in retreat and a culture overcome by fear and loathing. Between September 1970 and July 1971, all three artists succumbed to untimely and accidental deaths.

The title "27" refers both to the fact that all three icons died at that young age, as well as the idea that, like their vibrant lives, the 60's counterculture movement was cut short during its infancy.

"27" will use the words and music of these music legends — joined together through news archives and original interviews with people who were there; family, friends, fellow musicians, rock critics, managers, teachers, and lovers. Jimi, Janis and Jim will tell their own stories and the story of the times, in their own words.

"27" tells the story through the legendary live music performances, high profile arrests and jury trials, record releases, live TV appearances, recorded private interviews, news archives, home movies, poems, letters, drawings, press conferences and the mountain of print that recorded their lives in exhaustive detail, freezing their iconic images in time and place.

"27" is a powerful mix of rock music, pop culture and political intrigue, weaving together the actual words, acts, and musical performances of these three rock icons within the dramatic historical context of their tumultuous life and times.

"27" brings the story of our Nation's past to an audience who is entrusted with shaping its future.


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